about health care advocacates/navigators


For additional information about patient healthcare navigation or advocacy, visit the following websites:
Alliance of Professional Health Advocates:  www.aphadvocates.org
National Association of Healthcare Advocacy Consultants:  www.nahac.memberlodge.com
Medical Advocates Can Help Guide Patients On Difficult Care Choices, Kaiser Health News January 27, 2016:  www.khn.org/news/medical-advocates-can-help-guide-patients-on-difficult-care-choices
A New Breed:  Professional help is available when navigating a complicated health care system, American Way, American Airlines May 1, 2013:  www.rnpaofscottsdale.com/AmericanWay%20Magazine%20_%20May%2001,%202013%20Issue_%20no%20table%20of%20contents.pdf
Role of the Patient Advocate, National Patient Safety Foundation:  www.npsf.org/?page=patientadvocate
Services Offered by Private Health and Patient Advocates:  https://www.verywell.com/services-patient-advocates-offer-2614911
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